Website owners often grossly underestimate the importance of the “about” page. I see it as a chance for the visitor to get know the face behind the website. 

I have a passion for good ideas and innovative products. It goes beyond just quirky, gizmo type stuff, its deep-seated in true innovation.  The kind of products that often start out, like so many good ideas, in the garage (or where ever people have the space to tinker). 

Those are the ideas that challenge the norm and offer up a better way to do something.  Often these ideas seem pretty far out and don’t get a lot of support from folks in the beginning but then again neither did the automobile or airplanes when they first came on the scene.  Good ideas are spawned out of inspiration.  

Unfortunately, so many cool products out there go for years without being discovered. I mean what if you didn’t find out about the microwave until five years after it had been out on the market?!

Think of all the time you could have saved if you had only known about it sooner!  My goal is to curate and distribute these good ideas hopefully in a faster way so you can start enjoying the benefit of them sooner.  

But wait! What about me? You came to the page to learn about who’s behind the curtain, right? Okay, here’s the quick and dirty:

  • Born in Miami, Fla
  • Lived in many states around the U.S. growing up due to my being an “Army brat” (never understood the “brat” part but whatever)
  • Grew up mostly in the woods of New England
  • Went to college, got some degrees in Marine Science and Chemistry
  • Have a wrecking crew that lives in my house (my two toddler boys)
  • And a wife that endures my long nights at the computer digging up cool stuff for you to explore

rabbbithole.com about page

I hope you enjoy what you find here on Rabbbithole.com and walk away inspired and enlightened.  If you see something that you think your friends should know about feel free to pin it, tweet it, snap it, facebook it, start a signal fire or whatever works for you.  This is how good ideas spread.  If you are an innovator and want to contact me cuz you need me to talk about your idea then here’s a good way to do that.