Bob’s Burgers: Louise Socks


The Scoop

Haven’t you ever dreamed of trotting around town with Louise-inspired socks (complete with bunny ears)? No? Just me then? Okay, well for the rest of you heeeeree they are!¬† All you Bob’s Burgers fans come on down and check out these bitchin’ socks!

Product Details 

  • Bob’s Burgers Louise Socks
  • Officially-licensed Bob’s Burgers merchandise
  • One size
  • Materials: 65% Acrylic, 20% Nylon, 15% Spandex
  • Ages 12+

What is it used for?

Lettin’ your Bob’s Burgers spirit shine through

Who is this for?

Fans of Bob’s Burgers…specifically Louise

Gotta Have it