Creepy Animal Masks: They move when you talk!


The Scoop

Imagine this: the doorbell rings and its the post man making a delivery and YOU come to the door with a hilarious and creepy animal mask. “Uh, sign here please” the post man asks you with an unsure look on his face. You sign and say “thanks” with your best animal voice impression. The postman walks away with a story he will tell to his grand kids. Mission accomplished!

Product DetailsĀ 

  • Animal mask with movable mouth
  • Available styles: pug dog, lion, wolf, and fox
  • Life-like faux fur
  • Black mesh around eyes for inside viewing
  • Designed for ages 14+

What is it used for?

Creepin’ out your friends and family…and bein’ the life of the party!

Who is this for?

Those of you who can appreciate good, quality, wholesome sophomoric humor

Gotta Have it
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