Millenium Falcon Bottle Opener


The Scoop

Okay sure, the Millenium Falcon has let Solo down a few times but it was comes through in the end, right? This bottle opener will come through for you too (and you will look sooo hip doing it too!).¬† There’s prolly gonna be some feelings of jealousy when your friends see this baby going around the room. That’s perfectly normal.¬† Did you know that the Millenium Falcon was originally going to be called the Linoleum Falcon…semi-true story.

Product Details 

  • High Quality, Made of Zinc Alloy Metal

What is it used for?

Outrunnin, Imperial Star Cruisers and openin’ beers

Who is this for?

Star Wars fans that want to look cool opening their bottles

Gotta Have it
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