USB-Powered Coffee Warmer


The Scoop

Here’s a list of the things I’m sure about: 1) you drink coffee or other hot beverages 2) you do so whilst at the computer 3) you have cursed quietly to yourself when you realize that you just spent yet another 3 hours on Reddit and your coffee is freaking cold…again! 4) you have wished for a good solution to this conundrum.  Well my friends your time has come and so has your solution! Its a USB-powered mug warmer that…wait for it…also tells time and…wait for it…has a 4 port USB hub!  First they put a man on the moon and now THIS! Its a good time to be alive people.

Product Details 

  • 4.5″ wide x 4″ deep x 1″ thick
  • Heating element is 2.75″ diameter
  • Heats from 122-140° F
  • Plug and play- no drivers needed
  • Four (4) USB 2.0 ports
  • Displays temperature of heating element in F or C
  • Backlit LCD display (can be switched off)
  • Heating element can be switched on and off
  • Clock with beep alarm
  • Cord: 4 ft long 

What is it used for?

Keepin’ drinks warm and computer users happy. Know anyone that’s been aching for a solution to their room temperature coffee blues?

Who is this for?

Coffee or tea people that work in an office or at a home work station or where ever someone needs to have a consistently warm beverage and a PC nearby.  Its also great for those that don’t wear a watch cuz’  its got that too.

Gotta Have it
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