4 in 1 Stylus Laser Pointer Pen


The Scoop

Nothing better than NOT having to carry around a ton of things when one little metal stick will do the job of many devices.  Allow me to introduce the 4 in 1 pen, flashlight, stylus, and laser pointer…than now comes with your custom engraved name (or a message that says something mature like “No touchie touchie!” or “hands off, pal!”).  Those are just MY suggestions, of course.  The options are endless and there’s many a choice of fonts as well.

Product Details

  • 4 in 1 laser engraved personalized Pen, Stylus, Laser Pointer, Flashlight
  • Custom engraving
  • Materials: Rubber, Metal

What is it used for?

writin’, stylusin’, flashlightin’ and laser pointin’

Who is this for?

Professionals that need a 4 in 1 device like this and want to customize it.

Gotta Have it