Personalized Office Door Sign


The Scoop

The door to your office is really your first opportunity to make an impression and set the stage.  A cheap, plastic, flimsy sign sends a certain message but a nice customized sign sitting atop a handsome piece of cherry-colored Australian Jarrah wood sends an entirely different message. A message that says “a professional that approaches their job in the same way”.  Because this sign is handmade and personalized you could always take a different approach and just put something like “Go Away!” (kind of like my door mat at home).

Product Details

  • 10 inch x 2.5 inch solid wood door plaque.
  • Keyhole drilled in back for easy wall hanging
  • Shatter resistant fogged acrylic glass mounted with decorative brushed aluminum standoffs.
  • Superior gloss finish.
  • Personalized name and title.

What is it used for?

Lettin’ folks know whats up when they approach your office door

Who is this for?

Office-bound professionals

Gotta Have it
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