The Office (show) Decal for MacBook Laptop


The Scoop

No sticker on your Mac?! How plain! What if you’re hangin’ out in the coffee shop with the Mac propped open just hoping some pretty young thang walks up and starts chatting you up but then nothing happens? You gotta send the signal, the right signal! The one that says “fun guy, open for business”.  Search no further for the signal. This sticker just slaps right onto your Mac and dons the now famous silhouettes of the crew from The Office. What signal could be more clear?

Product Details

  • The Office TV Show MacBook Decal
  • High quality self-adhesive vinyl.
  • Lifespan of 5+ years.

What is it used for?

Showin’ your Office pride, MacBook style

Who is this for?

Office fans with Macs

Gotta Have it
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