Mini Bowling Board Game


The Scoop
Bowling really fun, isn’t it? You get to hurl heavy balls down a lane and smash hapless pins.  Its also a big deal to run a bowling alley due to the equipment and space so its not always easy to find a bowling alley near you (and you definitely won’t find a bowling alley that you can take on a road trip with you…or is there?). There IS and its small enough to put in a backpack.  An all wood alley and a steel ball and you have yourself a good time.  
Product Details
  • Mini Bowling Game Includes: Wood Bowling Lane, Bowling Ramp, (12) Bowling Pins, (2) Metal Bowling Balls & (5) Score Sheets – (12 Pins Includes 2 Extra Replacement Pins)
  • Ages 3+
  • Lane Measures: 12″L x 3 3/4″W 
  • Pins Measure: 1 1/8″H 
  • Balls Measure: 3/4″ Diameter
What is it for?
Tryin’ your hand finger at mini bowling
Who is it for?
Kids, dorm dwellers (and even cubicle cowboys)
Gotta Have it