The Office Inspired Confetti


The Scoop

You know what makes a party a party? Alcohol. But after alcohol is CONFETTI!  There you go, alcohol and confetti, now you have a party. Its that easy.  But don’t throw just any confetti into the eyes of people passing by, throw the good stuff. Throw the stuff that will make you a confetti legend. The kind of stuff that will have your guests exclaiming “where did you get THIS?!”  The kind of confetti I’m talking about is, of course, that which dons the familiar faces of personalities from The Office. Boom! now you’re a confetti legend. 

Product Details

  • Includes 52 small cardstock pieces, and an assortment of glittery confetti.
  • Cardstock pieces are blank white on the back.
  • Handmade item
  • Craft type: Party & gifting
  • Materials: confetti, cardstock

What is it used for?


Who is this for?

People who love parties and The Office

Gotta Have it
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