Cargo Shower Caddy


The Scoop

Okay, picture this. You head off to the gym and of course you can’t leave the gym all stinky so you take all your shower stuff.  You put all your stuff in your gym bag and later on you realize your shampoo and soap and razors and scrubbers have all managed to find the most secluded and hidden spots in your gym bag. Curses! What’s a person to do?! Fret not, I give you the “Cargo”. Its a plastic wonder of a shower caddy. Its got handles, its got drain holes a plenty, its got bungees to hold all your shampoo bottles in place (its even got a holster just for razors).  Now your gym bag blues are over and all is good again in the world.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 10.6″ width x 7.3″ depth x 5.8″ height
  • Materials: plastic, elastic

What is it used for?

Holdin’ shower stuff in a much better way

Who is this for?

Anyone that needs to carry their shower accouterments and keep them organized (and fairly dry) 

Gotta Have it
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