Vessel Shower Caddy


The Scoop

Unlike golf caddies, this caddy you DON’T have to pay a percentage of your winnings.  It can’t help you pick the right club but it can help you get ready for the club. This shower caddy is MADE to get wet yet drain out just as fast. Its got three roomy compartments for all your shower accoutrements and of course its got suction cups so you can stick it to the wall. Great for travelers, it contains everything into one package. When you leave, just pop it off the wall and throw it in your suitcase.

Product Details

  • Two suction cups, three roomy compartments, and two ventilating grommets, the waterproof Vessel is ideal for jet setters, dorm dwellers, and couch surfers.
  • Available in Gray.
  • Dimensions: 5.5″ width x 12.5″ height x 5.5″ depth

What is it used for?

Holdin’ your shower stuff when you’re on the go

Who is this for?

Travelers looking to consolidate their soaps, shampoos, razors etc. into one, water-ready, convenient case.

Gotta Have it
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