GI Joe T-Shirt


The Scoop

Do you know why G.I. Joe is a real American hero? Cuz he fights for freedom where ever there’s trouble…and if Destro is around, there’s gonna be trouble.¬† Apparently when you come up with bad guy names all you gotta do is remove one letter from the word that best describes the baddie. Destroy turns into Destro. Easy peezy. This Joe shirt is gonna be the one you rummage through your clean laundry to find, I just know it.

Product Details 

  • Product Type: T-shirts
  • 80sTees Exclusive
  • Color: Military Green
  • Gender: Mens
  • Graphic: Distressed Direct To Garment Print
  • Materials: Pre-Shrunk Cotton

What is this for? 

Lookin’ cool and a little retro

Who is this for?

Joe fans

Gotta Have it