Drone Quadcopter with GPS & Camera

The Scoop

Get on board the drone train! Everyone is doing it and you know why? They are really fun and easy to learn.¬† In the “old” days you had to learn how to fly a radio controlled helicopter (no easy task) but now with the stabilizing technology of multi-rotors, its waaay easier to learn how to fly these babies. And oh yeah, they have cameras and GPS so you can find your quadcopter after you lose it in the woods.¬† So git ta dronin’

Product Details 

  • OSD real-time data display and an amazing, built-in head tracking system
  • Extremely long, highly sensitive, remote control range
  • Extreme speed and tactile control, ultra fast speed of 23mph
  • Simple to disassemble and re-assemble

What is it used for?

Dronin’ and a flyin’) and generally having a great time in the sky

Who is this for?

Folks that want to get into drones but were afraid its too hard

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