Men’s Sexy Thongs


The Scoop

Is your man wild enough to clad his loins in these? That’s a deep philosophical question that you will just have take a chance on and get him some.¬† I mean what’s the worst that could happen? Maybe a lady elephant spies him wearing this and tramples him in a lust filled rage? Maybe but more than likely it will make for a good story….

Product Details 

  • Gender: men
  • Material:Polyster,Spandex
  • Color:Leopard, Black, Red
  • Size:One size fit most
  • Waist: 70-90cm
  • Elephant trunk:16cm
  • Package includes:1 x Men Lingerie G-string Briefs

What is it used for?

I’m gonna leave that up to you…

Who is this for?

Animal lovers

Gotta Have it