Elastic Shoelaces by Hickies


The Scoop

Don’t shoes come untied at the worst possible times?! Like when you just hit that double and are rounding the base to second or when you’re trying to impress that certain special girl with your new, dope dance moves or when you’re being chased by like 7 zombies (the fast zombies, not the slow ones). That’s what I’m talking about. Not cool. Well, raise your fist in resistance to laces. Laces have had their day, its now time for a better solution. Introducing Hickies. They replace your lace. They’re stretchy and allow you to just slip your shoes on -its super quick. So while your friends are being maimed by hungry zombies, you’ll already be a mile away.

Product Details 

  • Synthetic
  • 0.7″ high
  • 14″ wide
  • 14 straps in each package
  • Easy to install: One size fits all.¬†
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Hickies unique material makes them durable and water resistant.

What is it used for?

Enjoyin’ the fact that you’ll never have to tie another lace

Who is this for?

Those that want to get on with their lives not waste time tying laces!

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