Fidget Spinner (12 pack)


The Scoop

Every now and then something comes along that positively sweeps the nation and fidget spinners are doing that right now.  There is certainly no shortage of diversity of spinners either.  There’s a lot out there to choose from but they all perform the same function, keeping your fidgety fingers busy!  Great for kids, it really does keep them busy. I have witnessed the power of the fidget spinner first hand.

Product Details

  • Colors available: 12 different color/pattern variations
  • We currently use 608z steel bearings. These are cleaned and greased to spin faster.
  • The bearings will spin better after a break-in period of normal use.
  • DIAMETER: 2.95 inches. Thickness: 0.31 inches

What is it used for?

Tamin’ the fidgety-ness

Who is this for?

Largely kids but look, if you’re on a long phone call you can definitely fit some spinning in.

Gotta Have it
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