STEMbot Coding Robot


The Scoop
This STEMbot is pretty fancy schmancy. You can program it to do stuff like “retrieve mommy’s credit card from her purse”.  See, this is how it starts. Before you know it these things become self-aware and then Skynet and then…well you see where this is going. Actually because this is an award winning STEM (Science Tech Engineering Math) toy it challenges kids to learn basic programming and they can actually see first hand the fruits of their coding labor (like getting that credit card!).  With all this talk about AI it may be a good thing to get your kids into now. Just sayin’.
Product Details
  • Encourages careful measurement, trial and error, problem solving
  • Learn geometry and strengthen math skills by measuring out the courses!
  • ReCon Rover can be sent to another room with a task to record sounds there
  • Program Rover to move by feet or inches, and by specific angular turns
  • Features: sound-activated lighting, rotating head, adjustable neck, carrying bin, microphone, speaker
  • Memory bank can record sound files and store missions
  • Owner’s manual teaches grid mapping
  • Includes: fully assembled ReCon Rover, Owner’s Manual, Tape Measure
  • Requires 3 “C” batteries (not included)
What is it for?
Codin’ and robotin’
Who is it for?
8 to 10 years old
Gotta Have it
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