Little Patient Doll


The Scoop

Plush is in.  I mean think about it, you can go buy Giant Plush Microbes! Who would have thought that buying a plush virus would ever be a thing? Well, this plush doll is actually pretty useful as an early teaching tool for human anatomy.  They have a male and female to choose from but with this doll kids can learn about the lungs, heart, intestines, spleen, liver and kidneys. The doll also includes a booklet that guides kids on the functions of these organs. 

Product Details

  • AGES: Safe for all ages.
  • MADE FROM: micro-fabric plush
  • CARE: Machine wash in cold cycle.

What is it used for?

Learnin’  and playin’

Who is this for?

Kids showing an interest in biology

Gotta Have it
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