Zipes Speed Pipes Duel Barrel Racing Set


The Scoop
This is flat track racing 2.0. It is an enclosed pipe that allows your cars to really fly without, you know, flying off the track.  Can you do this at night? Oh yeah, they are lit up. Its like a disco in a tube.  With two sets of pipes set up you can race two cars at the same time.  This set includes 13 feet of track and yes these little cars can climb completely vertical track sections. Shake n’ bake!
Product Details
  • Encourages visual-spatial skills, creativity, cooperative play, imaginative play
  • Explore a whole new track-racing experience side-by-side with a friend
  • Pipes can be configured any way you can imagine – Up, down, around, and every which way
  • Vehicles are so fast they can climb up totally vertical pipes
  • Lights on vehicle and included strobe balls enhance the fun when you make the room go dark
  • Includes 2 illuminated vehicles (yellow and blue), 2 remotes, 2 cosmic strobe balls, 2 charging cables, 4 straight pipes, 12 curved pipes, 23 connectors, 2 intersection pipes (Over 13 feet of track!)
  • Requires 4 AA batteries (2 for each remote) – Not included
  • Fully compatible with all other Zipes tracks and accessories
What is it for?
Racin’ and lightin’ up the night
Who is it for?
5-8 year olds
Gotta Have it
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