Edible Bubbles Kit


The Scoop

Finally! They have arrived! Edible bubbles! Of course they are invented after I’m all growed up. 
Bubbles are fun and everyone knows it but I’m sure it has crossed your mind “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I could eat these bubbles too?”. I know I have.  With this kit you pour a bit of your favorite drink into the container, do a little mixing, blow some bubbles and BLAMMO! bubbles you can eat. Stuck on a desert island with no food and only this bubble kit? No problem, you can survive for at least a couple of hours with these bubbles nourishing you.  Or worse than that, maybe you’re stuck with *GULP* unruly kids that you need to entertain, no worries. Just throw them this kit and you can go back to Facebookin’.

Product Details

  • Includes six (6) bubble bottles with bubble wands
  • Bottles contain 25 ml (0.84 oz) of non-toxic bubble solution
  • Bottles can hold an additional 25 ml (0.84 oz) of chosen magical liquid
  • Not designed for thicker liquids like milk
  • Made in the USA

What is it used for?

Entertainin’ and delightin’ kids

Who is this for?

Kids mostly but I’m positive a drinking game could be developed from them

Gotta Have it
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