Namast’ay Home with My Dog (Coffee Mug)


The Scoop
Some clever chap has turned the well-known Hindu greeting, Namaste, into a funny coffee cup phrase that just happens to appeal to dog lovers (and prolly Yoga lovers).  Imagine you knew someone that loves Yoga, dogs AND coffee then this mug would literally be the perfect storm coffee mug! A present SO perfectly tailored that would probably be granted permanent friend status with no take-backs.
Product Details
  • Choice of: 11 or 15 oz.
  • Microwave safe; top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Design printed permanently on one side of mug as shown won’t peel or scratch off
What is it for?
Sippin’ coffee and thinking about “downward dog” maneuvers or just looking down where your dog is.
Who is it for?
Ideally, folks that have a dog, a coffee maker and maybe do some Yoga every now and again.
Gotta Have it
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