Island Hopper 25′ “Giant Jump” Water Trampoline


The Scoop
So lemme get this straight, its a giant trampoline that floats on the water and when you fall off doing some aerial maneuver you knew was a bad idea anyway, you just fall harmlessly into the water?! So where do I sign up? That’s right sports fans, this isn’t father’s version of water sports, this is the new and improved stuff!  This thing will make it the kind of summer that you fondly look back and say, “remember that summer?, that’s when our lives got an upgrade because we got that water trampoline and suddenly we had 17 times more friends than we used to have”.
Product Details
  • Diameter: 25 ft
  • Height: 42 in
  • Jump Surface: 17.5 ft
  • Heavy commercial-grade construction
  • 30-oz, 1000-denier PVC material
What is it for?
Jumpin’ and splashin’…and repeatin’
Who is it for?
Oh, no one in particular, really just people that want to have an insane amount of fun and make tons of new friends on the lake, that’s all.
Gotta Have it
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