Skorkel: Refillable Mini Dive Tank


The Scoop

This is the product I’ve been waiting a long time for! Sure, SCUBA tanks have been around, even tiny one but not until now have there ones that you can refill on site.¬† These babies are small and very portable. They refill fast with a hand pump or you can even hook one up to a regular dive tank to fill it.¬† Hauling big dive tanks around is a pain but the Skorkel get you down to the action quickly and with only a tiny, hand-held tank.

Product Details 

  • Light
  • Portable
  • Refillable
  • Up to 10 min. underwater per fill
  • Can be refilled with another SCUBA tank or included hand pump
  • Working pressure: 3000 psi

What is it used for?

Divin’ around all day long

Who is this for?

Underwater enthusiasts

Gotta Have it
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