Fishing Drone for Beach Fishing


The Scoop

In case you’re not up to date on your New Zealand fishing terms and techniques there is a method for fishing at the beach in heavy surf that uses water drones. Its called Kontiki fishing. You have a reel with tons of line on it and a shark shaped drone donning a motor (thruster). You attach your line with hooks on it to its tail and send it out to sea.  Now your hooks and bait are waaay out there, much farther than you could have casted.  Fish on? No problem, you can use the winch to haul it in or fight the fish the old fashioned way. Pretty cool, eh?

Product Details 

  • Predator 44 Auto Nav Kontiki with unique 2-second ‘Point & Go’ setup
  • 44lb thrust motor
  • Hand Reel
  • Predator Traceboard with 28 traces
  • 2 weights
  • Accessory Case
  • 3 batteries 12V 9.0Ah
  • 1× D battery
  • 1× battery charger

What is it used for?

Fishin’ where no man has fished before

Who is this for?

The “reel” avid fisherman (who’s not afraid to drop some serious coin on a water drone).

Gotta Have it
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