The Human Slingshot


The Scoop

This is the kind of thing that made me want to start this website; its a human-powered slingshot game for adults.  Its like a mix of mosh pit, square dancing, Twister, and a trampoline. What more do you want out of life? You and a bunch of friends get in this thing and you back up like Rowdy Roddy Piper up against the ropes in a WWE ring and catapult yourself around with the help of your fellow slingshot mates.  And oh yes, there is strategy to it too but you’ll find out.  Conveniently it breaks down to a very small and portable size.  

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 20′ x 5′
  • Material: blend of polyester and spandex
  • Durable felled seams
  • Includes high-quality carrying case / backpack

What is it used for?

Gettin’ rowdy with your friends inside a giant rubber slingshot.

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to have unbridled, unconventional fun.

Gotta Have it
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