Floating Putting Green


The Scoop
This is pretty much a stroke of golf genius.¬† What’s more fun than hanging out on the pool deck and working on your chipping game and being doubly challenged with a moving target at the same time? “Nothing”. That’s the answer in case you were wondering.¬† I’m betting you’re thinking of someone right now that would flip their lid if they saw this thing!
Product Details
  • 32″ x 45″ floating green
  • 12 practice golf balls in 2 colors for competitive play
  • 12″ x 24″ chipping mat with rubber tee
  • 2 flags and 2 cups
  • Golf club not included
What is it for?
Chippin’ and a grinnin’
Who is it for?
Golf enthusiasts that have a pool and want to get in even more chipping practice 
Gotta Have it
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