Aqua Table: Inflatable Floating Picnic Table (4 Person)


The Scoop
Picnics are great aren’t they? The food, the drinks, the good times but…what about pools? Well, pools are great too. What if they could come together as one glorious activity?! Introducing the Aqua Table, its a floating, inflatable picnic table with cooler space in the center of the table. Now, everything is right in the world.  Somebody pass the potato salad…
Product Details
  • Huge central cooler with drainage port
  • Cup holder on each seat
  • Grab handles on each seat for easy boarding, great for any body of water, or on land
  • Comes with anchor bag and rope
  • Tuff Sheel full nylon covered pontoons with zipper
What is it for?
Floatin’ and picnickin’ 
Who is it for?
Those that have a pool or lake access and want to enjoy an aquatic picnic or even play some poker.
Gotta Have it
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