Watermelon Ball Pool Game


The Scoop
If you’re going to invent and underwater ball sport ya just gotta make it look like a watermelon, right!? Well, that’s what we have here. Its Watermelon Ball and its pretty cool. You can pass it underwater and even dribble. Hey, if underwater hockey can become a thing I think Watermelon Ball has a sporting chance.  I mean look what this guy said about it: “Best pool toy EVER!”. That’s a BOLD statement right there!
Product Details
  • Can be passed up to 10 ft and dribbled like a basketball under water
  • Neutrally buoyant when filled with water
  • Durable enough to withstand intense play
  • For ages 8 yrs and up
  • TOTY 2018 Toy of the Year awards finalist
What is it for?
Oh, just gettin’ fruity with the ol’ underwater melon
Who is it for?
Kids and adults that want to try something new and funner (is that even a word?!)
Gotta Have it
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