Aquaglide Rockit Water Park


The Scoop
If you have rowdy teens and a lake you need something to fill their time (or ya just know they’re gonna get into something questionable).  I introduce to you the Aquaglide Rockit. Its virtually a water park in and of itself.  Its well built to withstand the abuse of horse play and of course it rocks and rolls…just to make things interesting. It ain’t some boring ol’ float that just sits out there, it becomes alive when kids start climbing around on it.
Product Details
  • Duratex™: A fine commercial-grade fabric-reinforced PVC material; 1000D fused with layers of 28-oz PVC
  • UV Block™: A 3-year treatment that prevents lifespan shortening due to sun damage
  • HA Weld™: Hot-air welding process that produces clean, strong seams without unsightly glue marks or splits
  • Interloc™ Fittings and Straps: Tough straps that let you connect to other Aquaglide® products
  • Up Grip™: Incorporates flush climbing handles
What is it for?
Rockin’ and a rollin’ on a lake
Who is it for?
Those with teens and a lake
Gotta Have it