Baby Nest for Newborn


The Scoop

There must be something about nests that make them so appealing to birds? Probably because they are warm and cozy and full of random stuff that the parents found.  This nest for newborns is no different. Its warm and cozy and because it has soft sides or bumpers you can rest assured your baby is staying put.  Plus, the materials are hypoallergenic and non-toxic

Product Details

  • Age: 0+ (up to about 12months, depending on your babies’ length)
  • SIZE: outer measurements 20×31″/ 50x80cm, sleeping place (mattress): 12×28″/ 30x68cm
  • All our MATERIALS are certificated, hypoallergic, breathable and non-toxic.
  • Cover fabric is 100% cotton.
  • Inner mattress is removable 2cm foam in the cotton cover.
  • Bumper filling is hollofiber – polyester fibers – breathable insulation for kids clothing.
  • Baby can sleep all night long in my nests.
  • As it is handmade items, they were tested only by my little “clients”.

What is it used for?

Making your baby feel comfortable through a nap or the whole night (assuming your baby sleeps through the night which is pretty much no one!)

Who is this for?


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