World Record Paper Airplane Book


The Scoop
You know what I like to do with my credit card bills? That’s right, I fold ’em up and watch ’em fly! Making paper airplanes is pretty much a required skill of adolescence.  Turns out there’s a TON of different designs out there for planes. And this book has over 100 designs. The cool thing is that you can tear some designated pages right out and start folding.  Another cool thing is that its written by the world record holder for paper airplanes staying aloft (yeah, I guess that’s a thing).
Product Details
  • Book for building 112 amazing paper airplanes
  • Encourages fine motor skills, following instructions, scientific learning
  • All planes feature vibrant graphics – Ready to tear out, fold, and fly
  • Learn about aerodynamics, competitions, designing your own paper airplanes
  • Includes 112 planes to build, 256 pages, flight log, pull-out runway
  • Written by Jeff Lammers and Ken Blackburn
What is it for?
Makin’ planes and watchin’ ’em fly
Who is it for?
5 to 11 yr olds but really anyone with the skills to fold paper.
Gotta Have it
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