The Scoop

Finally, the really boring part of golf has been filled with FUN! The time spent chasing after your balls is now an enjoyable turf surfing experience. Hop onto the Golfboard and actually enjoy zipping up to your ball down range.  Up and down the hills and terrain. Who knows, you may actually just skip the golfing part and just glide over the greens and fairways all day instead?

Product Details 

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Increases the pace of play
  • Reduced course wear and tear
  • Requires minimal maintenace
  • 4 wheel posi-traction
  • Up to 10mph

What is it used for?

Chasin’¬† after golf balls and havin’ a blast doing it

Who is this for?

Golfers, of course

Gotta Have it
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