Enormous 9-foot-tall inflatable beach ball!


The Scoop

You only live once, why not live it up with a massively huge 9 foot tall beach ball? Years down the road you’ll be sitting around the campfire with some buds talking about the good times and someone will say “hey, remember that time Josh brought that insanely huge beach ball to the beach and everyone freaked”?!  Thats what um talkin’ ’bout people! Its a crazy big beach ball thats just callin’ your name!

Product Details 

  • Dimensions: 9′ (2.75m) in diameter 
  • Weighs 15 pounds (6.8 kg) 
  • Made from thick, tough plastic
  • Sturdy inflation plug with one-way top-off valve
  • Includes a small patch repair kit

What is it used for?

Taking to the beach (a beach with a lot of space) and having a…you know, a ball.

Who is this for?

People tired of the same ol’ tired beach ball that can actually fit under your arm as you walk to the beach.

Gotta Have it
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