Kempf Go Away Doormat


The Scoop

Made of coconut fiber this door mat is environmentally friendly, not people friendly necessarily.  Let this door mat speak your mind for you…in no uncertain terms. The ink used to Print “Go Away” is meshed deep into the fibers so don’t worry about this message fading anytime soon.  You’ll be turning away pesky Girl Scouts for years to come!

Products Details

  • A traditional Coir mat with a Go Away design
  • Made of Natural Coconut Fibers
  • Ink for the design is imprinted deep within the coco fibers of the mat to ensure a long lasting
  • Our doormats are a great, environment friendly way to make the most of your entrance
What is it used for? 
Sending a message loud and clear to would be door bell ringers.
Who is this for? 
Curmudgeony folk who, without this door mat, would typically yell “WE DON’T WANT ANY!” at the sound of a knock at the door.


Gotta Have it
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