Levitating Air Bonsai Pot


The Scoop
This little bonsai pot looks gravity right in the eye and defies it…like a boss. Speaking of bosses, when your boss sees you with this innovative take on potted plants, he/she is 95% guaranteed to give you a corner office with a view probably right on the spot.  Using magnetic levitating technology this baby just hangs in the air…like magic.  And if you were wondering, its not locked into one orientation, you can give it a little spin and watch it rotate.
Product Details
  • Uses Maglev Levitation Technology
  • Perfect for small indoor bonsai / herbs.
  • Add a modern and artistic look to your space
What is it for?
Bein’ the coolest cat in the office cuz you got a floating bonzai plant.
Who is it for?
Green thumbs or folks that like to have the comfort of a potted plant…that floats.
Gotta Have it
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