Pivot Power Pop Jr.


The Scoop

There are some very annoying limitations with regular power strips (and I think you know what I’m about to say).  Sometimes, certain things that you plug into it take up so much space that you can’t use the outlet right next to it. Bogus! If only the power strip could, oh I don’t know, bend or something. Well, wish no more cuz’ here she is. Its the Pivot Power pivoting power strip. Ta da! Goodby old fashioned power strip limitations, hello pivoting power.

Product Details 


  • 2-foot extension cord
  • 45-degree plug to put power in hard-to-reach places

Dimensions: 2.38″L x 1.25″W x 12.25″H

Materials: plastic

What is it used for?

Plugin’ in those cords and big adapters that take up space (well, now you have the space to accommodate).

Who is this for?

People with electricity (who know who you are). 

Gotta Have it
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