Pluck Egg Separator


The Scoop

Have you ever tried to separate the yolk from the clear stuff? Its tough right? This simple kitchen tool will handily snatch that yolk out of there like a ninja, an egg ninja.  Just squeeze it to create negative pressure, lower it onto the unsuspecting yolk and unsqueeze. Voila! Yolk-o, disappear-o! I’m not advocating being a segregationist but sometimes recipes call for just one and not the other.  It just works so quickly and easily that you’d be silly not to grab one of these.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 4″ length x 2″ width
  • Materials: silicone, plastic


What is it used for?
Pluckin’ egg yolks and removing them from harm.
Who is this for?
Egg lovers and those that like to cook and bake.
Gotta Have it
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