Stem Citrus Spritzer


The Scoop

Seems pretty obvious now that we see it but why wouldn’t you just stick a spritzer right into a citrus fruit to get the tangy juice?!  With this handy and easy to use (and of course easy to clean) spritzer you just plug this baby into an unsuspecting lemon or lime and BLAMO! fresh citrus juice available to be spritzed onto your food or dish of choice.

Product Details 

  • Available in: Green and White
  • Dimensions: 3.6″ height x 1″ depth
  • Material: plastic

What is it used for?

Spraying and spritzing food or prepared dishes that just yearn for a touch of citrus.  Make guacamole a lot? This little kitchen gadget is perfect for adding lemon juice to your guac and the best part is you know its super fresh.  It could potentially take the place of pepper spray if you happen to find yourself in a dark alley armed only with your citrus spritzer and a fresh lemon.

Who is this for?

Foodies and those that have about 3.6 inches of drawer space for a totally cool kitchen gadget that is not only easy to use but easy to clean (unlike that SlapChop thing!).

Gotta Have it
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