Scoop: Measuring Spoon


The Scoop

A measuring spoon? Those have been around forever! But wait! This is no ordinary measuring spoon. This spoon measures out say a tablespoon of peanut butter then you flatten it out and BLAMO!, you then use it as a spreader.  If you are being watchful about your calorie intake and need to measure out things like cream cheese etc. you easily do that and save yourself from dirtying a measuring spoon AND a butter knife.  Plus this baby is easy to wash and small enough to store in any kitchen drawer.

Product Details

  • Available in White and Green.
  • Dimensions: 2.7″ width x 6.7″ height x .2″ depth
  • Material: plastic

What is it used for?

Measurin’ and a scoopin’

Who is this for?


Gotta Have it
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