Verseur + Vine Bundle


The Scoop

Did you know that verseur refers to a spout or pouring in French? Yeah, neither did I. You gotta have the verseur to get your bottle open to start pouring out the wine and you gotta have the Vine mini stand to keep your wine stored in the proper horizontal position.  The ergonomic verseur will allow you to screw it into the cork and comfortably yank that sucker out.  Why does wine have to kept on its side? So the cork doesn’t dry out, shrink and let air in.  But don’t worry we gotcha covered with the Vine bottle stand.

Product Details

Verseur Tool

  • Dimensions: 7″ length x 3.5″ width x 2″ depth
  • Materials: steel, plastic

Vine stands (pack of 2)

  • Dimensions: 3” length x.5” width x 3” height
  • Materials: plastic

What is it used for?

Opening wine and keeping corked bottles horizontal

Who is this for?

Wine enthusiasts (not to be confused with “wine-o’s”)

Gotta Have it
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