CitriTwist: Citrus Reamer


The Scoop

So you have half a lime but want to liberate all that citrusy goodness. Your options are: 1) use your super strong Kung Fu grip to squeeze all the juice out 2) smash it with a Thor hammer until that lime gives up all he’s got.  Luckily there’s a less messy option. Its called the CitriTwist. You just ream through the center of the lime half and twist. This action frees the juice that drips down to where it needs to go (instead of all over the counters).

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 6.15″ length x 1″ width x 1.8″ depth
  • Materials: aluminum, plastic, rubber

What is it used for?

Gettin’ citrus juice (the easy way)

Who is this for?

Purveyors of mixed drinks that call for citrus (and anyone that needs fresh citrus juice)

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