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That’s right folks, step right up to the hot sauce challenge! Sure, you may experience taste bud pain and suffering but look, you never feel more “alive” than when your mouth feels like a blast furnace.  Think of it as a taste enlightenment. You push that stuff and come out the other side a better person. Think of it as Navy SEAL training for your mouth.  Fortunately, you get to start with the mild sauces and work your way up to becoming a steely-eyed sauce soldier. 

Product Details

  • 12 bottles of hot sauce of varying spice & flavor
  • Net wt. (per bottle): 0.75 oz (22ml)
  • Sauces included: Ass Kickin’ Bacon Hot Sauce, Ass Kickin’ Chile Lime Hot Sauce, Ass Kickin’ Sriracha Hot Sauce, Ass Kickin’ Cajun Hot Sauce, Ass Kickin’ Original Hot Sauce, Ass Kickin’ Wasabi Hot Sauce, Ass Kickin’ Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce, Habanero Hot Sauce From Hell, Hot Sauce From Hell Devil’s Revenge, Ass Kickin’ Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, Ass Blaster Hot Sauce, and Spontaneous Combustion Hot Sauce
  • Made in the USA

What is it used for?

Having a good sauce heat range selection for meals (and drunken sauce challenges at 1am)

Who is this for?

Saucy folk looking to explore more of their saucy world

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