Tether: Stemware Saver


The Scoop

You know what’s not cool? Opening up your dishwasher to find smashed up wine glasses strewn all over the base of your dishwasher.  Thet cleansing “sheeting action” can be rough on fragile stem-ware like wine glasses but luckily there is a solution to the time consuming hand
What is it for? wash alternative. Its called Tether and as the name implies it creates a sturdy bridge between your wine glass and the dishwasher rack stabilizing it in the face of violent jets of water needed to get your other dishes clean.  Easy to use and small enough to store in the silverware drawer.
What is it for?

Product Details

  • Stemware Saver.
  • Color may vary.
  • Available in a set of 4.
  • Dimensions: 7″ length
  • Materials: metal, plastic

What is it used for?

Keepin’  fragile glasses in one piece through the dishwashing cycle.

Who is this for?

Those with fragile stem-ware who would prefer that their glasses stay un-broken

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