Stainless Steel Ice Cubes


The Scoop

All the chill without any of the watery dilution.  These handsomely crafted little buggers get chilled in your freezer then tossed into your favorite drink. So easy, a caveman could do it.  I mean ice is nice but it melts and that’s just not acceptable.  The stainless steel ice cube alternative is a killer chill, if you will.

Product Details 

  • Quick and Safe Chilling:  Cubes filled with a food-grade liquid that gets cold within 4 hours
  • Cold drinks with no watery dilution 
  • Includes a reusable closable freezer tray that doubles as a storage box
  • 6,  1-inch stainless steel ice cubes and matching serving tongs

What is it used for?

Chillin’ but not waterin’ down

Who is this for?

Anyone tired of watering down their chilled drinks

Gotta Have it
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