“Straight Outta My Twenties” Wine Glass


The Scoop
If you have a friend with a Dirty 30 coming up what and they just happen to be a fan of “Straight outta Compton”, guess what?  I’ve got just the thing for your I-don’t-know-what-to-get-my-friend problems…its the “straight outta my twenties” custom engraved wine glass.  But it doesn’t stop at wine glasses, there’s 4 different styles to choose from to tailor the gift perfectly.
Product Details
Glass Choices:
  • Stemless Wine Glass
  • Stemmed Wine Glass
  • Pint Glass
  • Rocks Glass
What is it for?
Lettin’ folks know you are leaving your 20’s behind and embracing an all new you, a you that is just slightly older but now in a new age bracket.
Who is it for?
Those turning 30 soon (I know you know some)
Gotta Have it
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