4″ Sundial Compass


The Scoop

I bet you have never seen one THESE in Wal-Mart! Its a very brassy sundial compass. Very authentic and a great décor piece to your office.  I’m sure you know someone that has lost their way- well, here’s the way to navigate out.  You set the compass north then adjust the brass doohickey to tell you the time (gonna need sun for this, office lights ain’t gonna do it).  Since its solid brass you can consider it a “legacy piece” meaning it will be passed down generation to generation.
Products Details

  • Fully functioning compass
  • Unusual home or office decor item
  • Great addition to a nautical collection
  • Differences in finish may occur
What is it used for?
Time telling
Who is this for?
Someone who has everything but appreciates old time tools like this.
Gotta Have it
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