Dachshund Pattern Engraved Rolling Pin


The Scoop

Good ‘ol weiner dogs, gotta love ’em. Your love of Dachshunds doesn’t have to end when they go off to their doggy beds, now you can enjoy them all the time because they will be baked right into the dough.¬† With this popular dachshund engraved wooden rolling pin, the weiner pattern is everywhere! Make weiner dog cookies for the family or weiner dog engraved dog treats and give them to your weiner dog, how ironic!

Product Details 

  • Materials: natural birch wood and covered with special non-toxic oil
  • Sizes: Choice of 4 sizes

What is it used for?

Rollin’ them dawgs!

Who is this for?

You guessed it, bakers that love Dachshunds (and really, what’s not to love?)

Gotta Have it
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