Door Pong (indoor game)


The Scoop

Kids board inside all day? Can’t go outside? No problem, just break out the door pong game! Easy to set up and easy to learn but difficult to master.¬† Basically, its like ping pong but no need for a table or net. It swings back and forth like a pendulum as it is hit from player to player.

Product Details 

  • Clamp opens to a max of 9 inches and attaches easily to any doorframe
  • Turn the dial to adjust the string to your desired length
  • Simple game play – Hit the ball back and forth without missing
  • Play with a friend or solo
  • Includes clamp with tethered ball, 2 paddles

What is it used for?

Entertainin’ kids (and teaching eye-hand coordination)

Who is this for?

Kid’s that like paddle sports…preferably 6-10 years old.

Gotta Have it
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