Tobbly Wobbly featuring Squigz


The Scoop

Tobbly Wobbly?! Okay, let me explain. Do you remember Mr. Potato head? Well, this is like that but a few more bells and whistles.  For example, you can add funny faces and such but you can also incorporate Squigz (the suction cup toys) onto Tobbly for endless combinations and looks.  As the name implies Tobbly is kind of…well Wobbly so it will keep your kids on their toes (and entertained).
Products Details

  • Encourages imaginative play, creature design skills, fine motor dexterity, planning skills
  • Tobbly Wobbly is tall and egg-shaped
  • Tobbly Wobbly measures 8.5 x 5 inches
  • Store the building pieces inside the toy!
  • Includes one buildable friend with screw-open storage space, 14 building components, reusable sticker sheet
What is it used for?
Decorating and dressing up ol’ Tobbly in any way kids want.
Who is this for?
3-5 year olds.


Gotta Have it
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